Play your Favorite SPCM Titles Virtually on THREE Platforms!

Play your Favorite SPCM Titles Virtually on THREE Platforms!

Play your Favorite SPCM Titles Virtually on THREE Platforms!

Did you know that we now have our most popular Cthulhu Mythos titles on three different platforms? Try them and see which is your favorite way to play!

The Forge
The Forge is a no-hassle roleplaying gaming platform — a hosting service and so much more — powered by Foundry Virtual Tabletop and our unique integration technologies.

Shard Tabletop
Shard Tabletop is a virtual tabletop and character sheet dedicated to the 5th Edition of the World’s Greatest Roleplaying Game. Our focus is ease of use, seamless multi-device support, powerful homebrew tools, and providing high quality pre-packaged content.

Fantasy Grounds
Fantasy Grounds partners with RPG companies to provide a unique experience for each game we support, with intelligent automation making your game easier to prep, more immersive for your players, and faster to run.

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Learn about Lovecraft’s Brown Jenkin

Learn about Lovecraft’s Brown Jenkin

Learn about Lovecraft’s Brown Jenkin

Who is Brown Jenkin anyway? Brown Jenkin appears in Lovecraft’s story Dreams in the Witch House, and it is an extremely unusual entity. It is an old fashioned type of horror – a small rat-like monster with humanoid face and paws.

More like the image of a medieval witch’s familiar than a tentacled Lovecraftian thingy! See if you can find him on the cover of this new edition of Sandy Petersen’s Cthulhu Mythos for 5e Fantasy!

Here are some of the more memorable quotes from Dreams in the Witch House describing this miniature monster:

“…the descriptions of the darting little furry object which served as her familiar were so painfully realistic despite their incredible details.”

 “That object—no larger than a good-sized rat and quaintly called by the townspeople “Brown Jenkin”—seemed to have been the fruit of a remarkable case of sympathetic herd-delusion…”

 “Witnesses said it had long hair and the shape of a rat, but that its sharp-toothed, bearded face was evilly human while its paws were like tiny human hands.”

Check out our new pocket edition of Sandy Petersen’s Cthulhu Mythos for 5e Fantasy Brown Jenkin Edition (pocket sized). This affordable option of our classic sourcebook is only $29.99 PLUS this Edition comes with a FREE bookmark that includes a stat block for Brown Jenkin himself!

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New Review: Everything Board Game Reviews Skin Deep

New Review: Everything Board Game Reviews Skin Deep

Everything Board Game Reviews Skin Deep

“The best audience for this adventure is a group that likes to see an ever-expanding story and well-considered lore. Overall, Skin Deep is a memorable adventure that proves to be quite an enjoyable ride.”

Skin Deep, is a 4 Act Cthulhu Mythos Saga in a single volume! Your purchase includes a FREE PDF of the book. Order Skin Deep here.