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Larva Games

The "Young People" division of Petersen Games

Learn more about our new products made for impressionable young minds!


The Tooth Fairy GameRock-A-Bye Cthulhu

Introducing the Rock-A-Bye Cthulhu Nursery Rhymes & Acolyte Activity Books

Rock-A-Bye Cthulhu

Nursery Rhymes for Cultists of All Ages

Sing your family to sleep with rhymes from Lovecraftian lore! Your favorite nursery rhymes re-written using knowledge that man should not know!  

Acolyte Activity Book

Colour outside the dimensions if you dare! The Acolyte Activity books contains every image from the “Rock-a-Bye Cthulhu” nursery rhyme book in black and white, PLUS activities designed with esoteric mathematical formulas derived from the spheres beyond.


A simple and fun grid-based card game playable on any surface. Arranged in a grid, players rotate cards to match adjoining cards… 

Andrew Frisch & Jason Wallenfang

Andrew Frisch