Shipping Updates

Updated: January 16th 2024

  • ALL WEBSTORE ORDERS: Currently due to reduced staff, webstore orders are taking much longer to process and ship. We are doing our best to keep the orders going out, but it can take one to two months for orders to ship. Your order will ship as soon as we can get it processed. We appreciate your patience.
  • WEB STORE ORDERS TO RUSSIA, BELARUS, UKRAINE: We have temporarily discontinued web store orders to Russia, Belarus and Ukraine,  due to current shipping restrictions. We will restart the ability to place orders from those countries once shipping restrictions are lifted.
  • CANADA AND EU: We are unable to take orders from the EU and Canada at this time. When we are able to take orders again we will update this page. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  • IMPORTANT ASIA, AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND AND ISRAEL SHIPPING NOTICE: Shipping to Asia, Australia, New Zealand and Israel can be very slow. Please be aware of this when placing any order for any of those countries. We apologize for the slow shipping speeds.

If you need any help with your order or anything else, please contact us at and someone will get back to you as soon as they can. 


It takes a few days for a web store orders to be exported to the Warehouse shipping system, where it waits to be picked and packed. It can then take 10 business days (Monday through Friday, not including weekends) to ship out. That is an estimation and often the warehouse ships faster or slower depending on how many orders are in the shipping queue.

Orders placed around a holiday, especially during the month of December, can take longer to ship because of the higher number of items being shipped out at that time. This can also be the case when we are shipping a Kickstarter campaign or after a large sale, which can extend shipping time due to the amount of shipments in the shipping queue. Please see the notices above for any specific shipping delays.

Please note that the warehouse’s shipping system doesn’t interface well with our website, so the ‘processing’ status won’t update, even after an order has shipped out. You should, however, receive an automated email from the warehouse alerting you that your order has shipped and how to track it.

If you are located in the United States we also recommended signing up for UPS “My Choice”  and the USPS “Informed Delivery”. Both are free and if for some reason the e-mail our shippers send out doesn’t reach you, those services will also let you see when a shipment has been sent to your address.

You can also contact us at and we can tell you if shipments are going out slower than normal.


A new shipping rates system went into effect November 2021.  Rates are weight based rather than "averaged", which will provide more accurate shipping pricing on all orders. The new shipping rates are not retroactive and do not affect orders already placed.  EU residents will now see a  VAT charge separate from the shipping charge starting Nov 4, 2020.  Details are included on the shipping rate PDF files.

Download PDFs of our shipping rates by region.  Not sure what shipping region you're in?  Check out the Country Index.

PLEASE NOTE:  Shipping rates and PDFs were last updated on 6/5/2023.

Country Index

US Rates

Canada Rates

Europe Rates

Asia Rates

Australia Rates

Latin America Rates



Subscription items will be shipped by the 15th of each month following the month in which they are purchased. For example, if a subscription is purchased or renews between October 4 and November 3 will be shipped on November 15.  Non-subscription products will be shipped separately according to existing shipping times, usually 10-15 days after purchase.

Subscriptions Are Ongoing

Subscriptions are for a continuing series of campaigns, each comprised of 4 physical books.  You will receive each book (or act) monthly.  Each month’s renewal will include the next single volume in the campaign series.   Your subscription does not end with Act 4, but will continue the following month with Act 1 of the next Saga.  A PDF version of each month’s adventure will be available for download immediately after each month’s subscription is billed.

New Pricing Model begins Nov. 4, 2020

New pricing model on all Cthulhu Mythos Sagas subscriptions begins on November 4, 2020.

Rather than receiving a flat $5 discount on each book and paying full shipping prices, you will now pay retail price on the books but receive free shipping on all subscription orders.

This means you will save $6 – $12 on each monthly installment.  Your savings will only increase over time as postal rates continue to climb.

Price change takes effect Nov. 4 with the release of Dark Worlds Act 3. 

PLEASE NOTE:  Initial orders placed prior to November 4 were charged at the old rate of $19.99 + shipping, but subsequent renewals will be at the new rate.

Cancelling Your Subscription

If you do wish to cancel or suspend your subscription, you must do it before the 1st of each month to guarantee you aren’t charged for the next issue.   You can cancel your subscription at any time by visiting your account page and viewing your subscription at


Unfortunately, we can no longer ship to Central, and South American countries (including Brazil) as these are not shipping friendly countries for international shipments.

Typically, import fees are paid up front as part of your shipping costs. These include the following countries and regions, The United States, Canada, Members of the European Union, China, Australia and New Zealand. However, there are countries where regulations prevent advance payment by a third party, and customers in those countries may be responsible to pay customs taxes directly.**

**These countries include but are not limited to the following: Albania, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Burkina Faso, Faroe Islands, Iceland, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Korea, Kosovo, Kuwait, Macedonia, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Niger, Norway, Pakistan, Portugal, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Singapore, South Africa, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom. Due to the variety of different ways that countries handle import fees, all customers are responsible for knowing what import fees they may be required to pay, and you order at your own risk, not ours. We have asked the warehouses we contract to provide the correct information on customs forms, however customers will still be responsible for any fees charged by their country, even if the custom’s form was filled out incorrectly by the warehouse. If delivery is refused by the customer you may be forfeiting your order if it isn’t returned back to us. If we do receive the shipment back, the customer will need to re-pay the shipping costs to have it re-shipped.


Once an order is placed there is only a very small window to cancel or change the address on an order before it goes into the shipping queue and we are no longer able to cancel or change it. For this reason, all sales are final and in most cases an order cannot be cancelled or the address changed once placed.


We are currently not equipped to accept returns of web store orders. Under certain circumstances, at our discretion, we will allow returns, but the majority of the time all sales are final. We ask that you only place an order knowing that all sales are final.

If you have an item that arrives missing a piece or that is damaged, you can submit a ticket on our support page here: We will try to replace it, if we have those pieces available.