We offer high quality miniatures of virtually all Lovecraft's Cthulhu-related monsters! All are highly detailed and designed to match 28mm scale, perfect for role-playing or figure painting.

Atlach Nacha

The Spider God bridges the Chasm of Eternity with his webs, and eagerly feeds upon those who interrupt his great task.


From his ancient tome he intones the words of power. Beware, sane world. The realm of madness awakens at his command.

Serpent Man

The rattlesnake god, father of serpents. Is he the true terror behind the myths of Set and Quetzalcoatl?


Winged beings with horns, claws, a barbed tail, and no face. They carry off their victims to an unknowable fate.


The mightiest of his race, the starspawn. Great Cthulhu is their ruler and high priest. But high priest of what?

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