Theomachy - The Warrior Gods

When gods fight, human blood flows. Theomachy lets you take the place of one of the high gods – lord of a group of devoted followers. You have one goal and one goal only: annihilate your foes’ believers and seize absolute power. Now is your opportunity to face off!

Poseidon against Ishtar!
Thor against Morrigan!
Osiris against Cthulhu!


The Team

Theomachy has been highly successful in Polish and German editions. Historical Games Factory, publishers of Sigismundus Augustus, The Outcast Heroes, Ark of Animals, First to Fight, and Heroes has joined forces with Petersen Games, publishers of Cthulhu Wars, to bring about the new English translation, adding new pantheons never seen in any previous edition!


You face a tough decision in every hand: do you put your own power on the line to help your believers, or do you turn your back, abandoning them to certain death? If neither you nor your opponents yield, hurricanes, plagues, tempests, and walls of fire diminish the ranks of the faithful.




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