Theomachy Now On Kickstarter!

Petersen Games in partnership with Historical Games Factory has announced an American version of Theomachy, the hit deck building game where players take control of gods battling for control over human followers.

This new version of the game will include new gods, including Cthulhu and other pantheons as well as updated rules and new art.

Now on Kickstarter

Theomachy Kickstarter

Cthulhu Wars VF (Version Francaise) Success

We launched Cthulhu Wars VF (Version Francaise) in order to bring a French version of Cthulhu Wars to all French speaking people of the world.  Our French fans where enthusiastic and helped us push past the initial funding goal exceed our target by 400%!

Not only was the Kickstarter a success but we found a great partner for the French version of the game with Sans Detour.


If you speak French or if you just want to check out the Kickstarter click here.

Cthulhu Wars Version Francaise