• IMPORTANT UK SHIPPING NOTICE: Currently, due to Covid-19 restrictions and issues with Brexit, the EU warehouse is unable to ship orders to the UK. Orders to the UK will be shipped as soon as these issues are resolved, however we do not have a timeline for when they will be resolved yet. Please be aware of this when placing a new order.
  • IMPORTANT ASIA AND ISRAEL SHIPPING NOTICE: VFI who handle all our shipping for Asia and Israel is currently shipping very slowly. It has sometimes taken 90 days for an item to ship and arrive from them. Please be aware of this when placing any order for any Asian countries and for Israel. We apologize for the slow shipping speeds.

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(Estimated shipping times, on the page at the link below, are under the “Shipping Times” drop down)

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PLACING ORDERS WITH A LARGE AMOUNT OF ITEMS: Currently, our credit card processor Stripe, has been unable to process orders that contain a large number of items, causing the payment to fail. Our web person is working to see if Stripe can fix this issue, but until then, on some large orders your payment won’t go through unless you reduce the number of items in your cart. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope to have this fixed as soon as we can.

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