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The Tooth Fairy Game


Petersen Games’ first kids game, under the new imprint Larva Games.

The Tooth Fairy Game is actually FOUR games in one, complete with 125 plastic teeth in 5 colors, five bags in 5 colors, 1 six sided die, 5 tooth fairy cards, and rules in English, Spanish, French, German and Italian!

While all games are good for ages 6 and up, each game is a bit more difficult than the one before it:

  • That’s My Tooth is the “Baby Teeth” game.
  • After you’ve had fun playing that game a few times, you can try out Pulling Teeth, the “Adult Teeth” game.
  • Then there is Lie Through Your Teeth which is a game for those with “Fake Teeth.” That game works best for those who know how to bluff. It is a clever take on the classic “liar’s dice” game.
  • Finally, there is Treasure Teeth for those rich tooth fairies with “Gold Teeth.” In Treasure Teeth you bid on valuable teeth, trying to get the most money. However, your bid is secretly split up any way you choose between your two hands. But beware, another player will pick WHICH of your two hands will be your real bid! Will you put all your teeth in one hand, hoping they pick that one, divide them evenly, or do you have another ingenious plan in mind?

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