Planet Apocalypse Minis are Here!

Planet Apocalypse Minis are Here!

The new year starts off not too shabby if you are into our minis! Now you can get our monstrous horror of Planet Apocalypse figures to enhance your RPG games, to paint or just collect them. All the figures that could originally only be had by purchasing the entire Planet Apocalypse game can now be ordered individually!

Shop now and use the filter menu on the left to select the very bottom “PA Miniature” button.

Here are examples of the Fiend, Larva, Stroma, and Hortator blister packs, but there are over a dozen options to pick from. 

Beyond the Veil Reviews by Planet Apocalypse

Beyond the Veil Reviews by Planet Apocalypse

Petersen Games have a habit of taking strategically rich gameplay and condensing it into fast and simple rulesets. Planet Apocalypse is no different, and after the first game, you’ll probably have digested most of the details.

Miniatures is always an odd word to use when discussing these huge offerings from Petersen. The plastic terrors you get are impressively large, richly designed and definitely worth the price of admission.

The concepts for the figures and the demon/hell-scape illustrations on the accompanying literature and stat boards are highly original. They’re not clean, polished pieces in the classic style. They’re energetic, rough and disturbing. They look like they’ve been frantically sketched by a maniacal surgeon, obsessed with fusing the creature from The Thing (1982) with offcuts from a butcher’s shop.

At times, the odds you’re facing feel overwhelming, but the simplicity of the system and the energetic gameplay makes each run-through an interesting rollercoaster ride. After all, beating back the forces of hell shouldn’t really be a breeze. If you accept that you’re going to lose most of your brave heroes to darkness, you may just have a chance of saving the earth.

Planet Apocalypse Town Hall by Sandy

Planet Apocalypse Town Hall by Sandy

Sandy recorded a recent Town Hall where he talks about designing Planet Apocalypse, and takes answers from viewers.

Some of his topics include the Hell Penguins, why he loves France, the way that Planet Apocalypse came to be, how he selected the artist and art vision, the game that got Sandy censured in Congress, his favorite demon from Planet Apocalypse and many others!

The Return to Planet Apocalypse: Become a Late Backer!

The Return to Planet Apocalypse: 5e Adventure Awaits!

Many thanks to our 3,854 Kickstarter Backers who supported our Planet Apocalypse 5e Sourcebook! What happens now? In November we’ll send an email to you from our PledgeMaster system where you can provide your shipping address, confirm or change your pledge level, and add on any optional items.

It’s not too late to order Planet Apocalypse for 5e! If you did not back the campaign but would still like to, you can create a login, and become a Late Backer!  You can download the PDF of the book directly afterward!

Plunge your D&D 5e players into Planet Apocalypse with a 325+ page sourcebook in high quality hardcover and as a PDF. The book is designed, edited, illustrated, and laid out.