“Planet Apocalypse ticks so many boxes for me, that I’d wager to say, it is the currently the best board game I have ever played for several reasons. It has the best ratio of joy vs. playtime for me and a fantastic ratio of luck vs. strategy. Games like Twilight Imperium are fantastic, but I can play it a few times a year at best, since it needs other players to shine. Due to its nature, I can play Planet Apocalypse with friends or solo, whenever I want.”

“To me PA’s best feature is that you cannot just learn „the strategy“ to win the game. Since every basic outline will be totally different, you always have to adapt your strategy. In one scenario your characters want to get as tough as possible, in others this approach will lose you the game. Some characters and gifts seem to be useless in some scenarios, but are game winners in others. This is just fantastic game design!”