The Doomed World is the 2nd Act of The Big Sleep Saga sprung from the fevered brain of Sandy Petersen! It ships the first week of March.
In Act 2 The Doomed World, you and your allies have temporarily escaped some of the worst effects of Tsathoggua’s rising, but now the Great Old One walks the surface world. What do the Sleeper’s demented cultists seek? You follow a pilgrimage of cultists through a deadly forest, to an enchanted mountain, hollow within. From there you must penetrate and escape a fortress of sub-human bestial horrors.

Eventually your heroes enter the neighboring, not-yet-blighted Kingdom of Yetive. You rush to seek the Queen’s aid, but she has her own plans and goals, and you and your fellow heroes are not the only factions calling upon her.

This tome is 75+ full color pages of Cosmic Horror in hardcover!

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