by Alex Clippinger

Night of the Brine is a FREE one-shot adventure for Sandy Petersen’s Cthulhu Mythos for 5e. It can act as a curtain-raiser to the longer Ghoul Island campaign or be played as part of any ongoing fantasy-based Mythos game.

It is intended for a party of four 1st-2nd level characters — several pre-generated characters are provided in the adventure’s appendix.

“The coastal town of Resante is a crumbling shell of its former self, but only a few decades ago it was a lively port. Its fall came about because of a twisting plague, its victims wracked with madness and horrific piscine transformations. It all came to a head one terrible night.”

We Goofed (again)!

In last month’s free adventure An Omen in the Stars the pre-gen characters didn’t populate correctly in the download and ended up all being the same. Download the corrected files with complete pre-gen characters.