Here is a sneak preview of the Voormi, who will debut next month in The Big Sleep, Act 2!

The Voormis (singular Voormi) are a prehistoric race of powerfully built, hairy, subterranean humanoids. They have short snouts and large eyes like a lemur, and their long, sloth-like arms end in three clawed hands. Voormis regularly live for centuries. Their language, Voormish, is difficult for the human tongue to pronounce and sounds like the yipping and barking of a dog.

The Voormis once lived as slaves to a civilization of Tsathoggua-worshipping serpentfolk, but when that empire fell, the Voormis rose to dominate the land until primitive humans came to displace them. The Voormis maintain the worship of Tsathoggua, and they also venerate Voorm, the progenitor of their race who is said to dwell near Tsathoggua’s subterranean realm.

They are ancient enemies of the gnoph-keh, regarding the creatures as barbaric abominations. This shaggy, umber-furred humanoid stands 7 feet tall with a broad chest and long, powerful arms tipped with three claws. Its large yellow eyes gleam as it barks a war cry.