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Here is a sneak preview of the Rat-Thing who will debut next month in Have You Found It? Act 1: The Jitters.

On first glance, this disgusting creature looks like a sleek black rat with unusually large eyes. A closer look, however, reveals the startling fact that this creature possesses a tiny human-like face and its front paws resemble miniature human hands.

A Rat-Thing is created through dark magic where the caster twists and transforms the body of a deceased servant or cultist. A Rat-Thing possesses some of the memories of its former life but remains subservient to its master. A spellcaster can use a Rat-Thing as their familiar, although such a creature only serves an evil master.

A Rat-Thing is often a cruel, malicious, and sadistic creature that likes to inflict misery and watch others suffer, but it is too cowardly to put its own life in jeopardy. They can live well over a century.