Cthulhu Wars Review: Special Tactics Games

Cthulhu Wars Review: Special Tactics Games

Henry Franklin (@SpecialTacticsGames) recently posted this review on BGG:

“Overall, I find Cthulhu Wars an exciting tactical game that will appeal to a wide range of players. For players who want a solid war game with fun dice-rolling combat, epic-looking battles, and abilities, this is perfect. It doesn’t have too many rules to get playing and the different faction’s abilities will shock and entertain you. I’ve even played with players who aren’t so into wargaming and they’ve enjoyed themselves. I think partly due to the presence of the miniatures and board.”

“It also has appeal to those players who want repeat plays of an interesting war game where new strategies are often discovered. This game always leaves you at the end of the play thinking about all the things you could have done differently to have played better, or how you could have stopped a particularly good strategy an opponent used to win the game.”

Have You Seen It? A Special Kickstarter Backer Has Finally Received…The Yellow Sign

Have You Seen It? A Special Kickstarter Backer Has Finally Received…The Yellow Sign

Sandy found something special last year that he was eager to share with a special backer from the Hastur Rising Kickstarter Campaign.

Honestly, having kept it in his house this long is tipping him towards insanity … but it has finally been passed on.

“What … what’s this? I found ANOTHER Yellow Sign, hidden under my bed. Am I doomed for all time? This sign is smaller than the other, differently-shaped, but still clearly imbued with the horrific curses. Will no one help me rid myself of this turbulent … thing?”

Brand New Cthulhu Wars T-Shirt Designs on Amazon

Brand New Cthulhu Wars T-Shirt Designs on Amazon

To celebrate Spring, we have created and uploaded four new t-shirt designs with your favorite Cthulhu Wars horrors on Amazon.

“His shrieks were confined to the repetition of a single mad word …”

“Don’t suffer from Insanity … Enjoy it!”

“I could find nothing but a voice that laughed.”

“They walk unseen and foul in lonely places.”

We have also added an “Apparel” filter on our website’s Shopping page! So check back to see what new items have been added! 

Its Not Too Late to Preorder Cthulhu Wars Extinction!

Its Not Too Late to Preorder Cthulhu Wars Extinction!

The premier horror strategy game re-imagined as a compact, two-player experience!

The Old Ones have risen. Monsters walk the Earth. Humanity is finished, but the struggle continues. Which Great Old One will rule the ruins of Earth? Now, you take charge!

Cthulhu Wars Duel: Extinction is a fast-moving two player strategy game in which you play as The Sleeper, primordial god of slumber and hunger or Ithaqua, the Windwalker, god of outer space and all that is coldest and darkest. Each side is strikingly different with unique units, abilities and strategies available.

Cthulhu Wars Duel: Extinction is fully compatible with the original Cthulhu Wars Duel game. Both are standalone products, but Factions and Maps can be mixed and matched in any combination!

We have officially sold out of Cthulhu Wars Duel, but you can preorder a copy of it again along with Cthulhu Wars Extinction!


Also, for a short time only, you can preorder Cthulhu Wars: Family Reunion, our April Fools Day surprise. This product will only be available by preorder and a small number thereafter.

Four new beings! Each has abilities and features NEVER SEEN BEFORE IN ANY CTHULHU WARS GAME. Exclusively for Cthulhu Wars Duel!

Cthulhu Wars Review: Special Tactics Games

Best Ever Cthulhu Wars Quote…

wtrollkin2000 reviewed his top 25 games of all time on BGG (Cthulhu Wars ranked #3):

“Cthulhu Wars pawned the games that preceded it doing everything different than modern designers said you should do and showed that those ideals aren’t absolute. Zero variability in setup along with zero randomness in strategic engine building does not prevent infinite variability in strategic exploration.

In fact it allows the ‘that was fun let’s play again’ to endlessly refine strategies deeper and deeper with full chess like control other games can’t approach. Likewise large piles of dice as an option does not have to mean high luck outcomes. Alternate no dice strategies can be used equally.

Cthulhu Wars is like someone had a checklist of what a designer shouldn’t do and then successfully did all of them to make a point and ended up making an even better game for it. It was so badly needed for our hobby. Also did I mention the asymmetry? It’s gonzo crazy.”

Cthulhu Wars: “One of the best Area Control Games on the Market”

Cthulhu Wars: “One of the best Area Control Games on the Market”

Here is a great overview of our best-selling game Cthulhu Wars by Way Too Many Games. 

What makes me love Cthulhu Wars so much is that it offers the complete experience of an area control “dudes-on-a-map” game in a fraction of the time. Most games in this genre can take two to three hours to provide the same degree of rising tension, but Cthulhu Wars can do all that and more in an hour.

The production quality of the faction units are insane. The amount of detail and physical mass in these figures really contribute to the scale of combat. When the board is full and players are summoning eldritch horrors from the far reaches of the cosmos, it really feels like Earth is just a playground for these behemoths.