DESIGN CORNER: The Faery Folk, New 4th Circle Demons — Fachan, Scurrilet, Cobold

First is the Fachan, a Petersen family favorite — the Fachan is a horrendous entity with one eye, one arm, and one leg. Famous for its mighty strength, naturally our version rolls 4d12 for its attack. Its special power is quite alarming — because the Fachan is all about unity and singularity, while he’s in play, heroes can only roll one of the dice in their attack box. They can still get bonus dice from various sources, but their core dice are limited to one. This is of course an excellent reason to try to kill the Fachan ASAP — he makes it almost impossible to kill Cacodemons and many Lords.

Fun Fact: Petersen Games is releasing a game next year about a non-demonic Fachan. It’s called Marry the Monster, and is a strategy game in which you try to build up your towns and cities while tricking the poor Fachan into pillaging your opponent’s towns. Watch for it in January 2021.

The second “Faery” foe is the Scurrilet. This obnoxious hobgoblin hides enemies from you by transforming all minions (except 4th circle demons) back into invasion tokens when they are in areas lacking heroes or troopers. Not only does this conceal their make-up, it effectively resurrects killed demons inside the token. If you have a good ambush set-up, the Scurrilet is comparatively impotent, but without it, he can be a game-killer.

The final 4th circle for today is the Cobold. Before the Dungeons & Dragons game re-interpreted the German Kobold as a tiny goblinoid, this creature was a feared horror. The metal “Cobalt” is named after it – the idea being that the poisonous aftereffects found in some mines were a curse from underground demons. To further distinguish it from the roleplaying enemy, I’ve used an alternate spelling of the name, and in honor of its toxic heritage, its ability is to prevent First Aid. Not just in its area — NO hero can perform First Aid while the Cobold is in play. Sometimes this isn’t so bad, but usually it means the Cobold is a major target for destruction.