It’s been a long wait – but Sandy Petersen’s Cthulhu Mythos for Pathfinder second edition is in final layout. As soon as it’s ready to go to print we’ll likely offer it as a pre-order on our website with immediate PDF download. 

AND, when you pre-order the book, we’ll give you a one-time 50% off coupon for our in-stock Miniatures Blister Packs on our website.

What’s In the Book?

  • Everything from the original SPCM in the 2e system
  • Some art from the first book, plenty of new art (and no photos of painted miniatures), including dozens of illustrations commissioned for this book.
  • New Great Old One (Elder Influence) Stats: Nodens and the Watcher of the Green Pyramid
  • New Monsters and New Variants of monsters, including Elder Thing Polymath; Gnorri Sculptor; Gug Brute; Mi-go Thinker; Elder Shoggoth, Yithian Sage and more
  • Dreamlands Cat Fighting Styles
  • New Feats, new Traps for Rogues
  • New Alien Technology and Magic Items
  • New Spells
  • The page count is 529 BEFORE indexes (which aren’t yet done) and backmatter!

Want a Sample?

How about 38 pages!