One of the stretch goals for this campaign was High Priests with personalities (this goal was reached long ago). This is how they work. I have created 8 unique character High Priests:Asenath Waite, Crawford Tillinghast, Ermengarde Stubbs, Herbert West, Lady de la Poer,Lavinia Whateley, Pitpipo, and Wizard Eibon. The front of the loyalty card has the rules for that character. The back of the card has normal High Priest rules.

The first time a player recruits a High Priest, he can select either one of the unique High Priests,or a normal one. When you take a unique character, you select it from those still available and place the card by your faction sheet. For the rest of the game, only you can recruit that High Priest (and you can’t pick a different one – you’re stuck with your initial choice). Each subsequent time you recruit a High Priest, however, you can choose whether you want the unique character, or a normal one. If you choose the latter, simply flips the loyalty card over to the normal “vanilla” side. Thus, you are not forced to always have the unique character when he or she is unneeded.

The special characters are each more powerful, but less flexible, than the usual High Priest. Let’s describe one of them to give you their flavor:

Herbert West
Cost 3
Combat 0
(ongoing) The Reanimator Serum: after any player’s action, you may eliminate Herbert West and place up to 3 Acolyte cultists from your Pool in the Area Herbert was removed from.

As you can see, you can actually get up to 3 Power worth of benefit by sacrificing Herbert West, while a normal High Priest only provides you with 2. On the other hand, that Power can only be used for gaining Cultists. As another advantage, Herbert lets you get the Cultists at any time, not just as an Action. You could, for example, suddenly spawn Cultists in an Area just before an enemy attacks. There are other uses I’ll leave to you to find in play. The other High Priests all provide similar interesting boosts. High Priest Pitpipo for instance can take a combat Kill on himself, even if he is not in the Battle Area. This can be a real boon for players whose Great Old One just got ambushed.