Who are the Un-Men?

Lovecraft reports the Ancients have the ability to transform a person into plasma-like, almost gaseous state. In this form, the victim becomes able to twist and distort his body in exaggerated ways.

I have chosen to call these entities, former humans, the “Un-Men.”

At least at first, the victims can still mentally discipline themselves into a semblance of humanity, and even be restored to normal by dint of technology. But over time their minds, and thus their forms become more monstrous and inhuman until they have almost no connection to their former life.

Naturally, the ill-effects of this process means the Ancients only select suitable specimens- typically the insane or criminal. Of course some people actually volunteer for it – no doubt believing in advantages of this new life. (For example: near-immortality)

Since only debased specimens are generally subjected to the plasmatifying process, this accelerates the distortions & madness even more. There is a feedback loop of horror.

But, even at their most corrupt, the Ancients wield power over the Un-Men: what they can do, they can undo. Fear of dissolution keeps the Un-Men in line.

How Are They Used?

You have three if them available. They have 0 Combat. (After all, they have no physical form.) Once you gain the Un-Man spellbook of Festival, their price drops to zero, making them a fabulous cheap monster or delaying tactic. (Just summon one to effectively “pass” for a turn. It costs nothing!)

As with all Ancients units, they come with a disability. In the case of the Un-Men, when you summon one, you must choose another player to gain 1 Power.

Naturally you should use this bonus to your advantage. Give the Power to a faction you think is unlikely to go after you. Engage in negotiations.

I’ve seen an Ancient promise that if Yellow Sign gave him the 3 Doom bonus from his spellbook requirement, he’d in turn give Yellow Sign the Power from his next three Un-Men summons. (He only did it twice, though, the rascal.)

Highly useful but perhaps a little scary to use in the first turn, when giving an enemy 1 Power can really overclock them.