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Sandy’s curious “Harvey Walters” has reappeared with another odd blog entry. Is it just coincidence, or is there something dark that could impact us all?

August 26, 2021

I have fled my home.

I woke up this morning to find them standing in the woods behind the house. Looking up at me, just staring. Their lips moved but they didn’t make a sound.

I checked the locks on my doors. I am almost out of food. My phone line has been disconnected and I don’t think these posts are even going through anymore.

Around lunchtime I heard glass shatter from the kitchen. I grabbed my phone and ran out the back door into the woods. When I looked behind me, they were piling through a window into my house.

I wandered for hours. The dead silence in the woods weighing upon me. It was too damn quiet.

I write this sitting at the mouth of the cave I had found before. The totem hanging and slowly twirling in the non-existent wind floats over me as I weigh taking refuge in the dark.