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Petersen Games announces Nightmares I! Supercharge your epic 5e campaign with the terrifying fun of monsters connected to the Cthulhu Mythos!

A Bghaggua, a Martian Cat, and a Siege-Claw Therizinosaurus walk into a bar. Don’t get the punchline? Meet these bizarre monsters and over a hundred more in this book.

Yes, your players have battled the dread Deep Ones, but Nightmares I contains ten fearsome Deep One subtypes: Hybrid Apes, Deep One Barracudas, and more! Can you face down a Deep Slug Swarm? Survive a ride on the Devil’s Coach Beetle? The Wheezing Man, the corruption of the True Serpentfolk, and the menace of the Vigintipod all wait for you inside these pages at Challenge Ratings from 1/8 to 22.

And they’re not all just battle fodder (though many are). We have monsters that ride or enslave other monsters and races of crystalline aliens which can be allies … or deadly foes. There are individual NPCs to be used in your games, such as the High Priestess of Light or the Hunting Horror-Bound Eremite.

This 175 page tome contains such a wide variety of bizarre creatures, particularly suitable for Cthulhu Mythos games, that Nightmares I is irreplaceable in any gamemaster’s — or player’s — collection.


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