Tcho-Tcho Cult Board

The Tcho-Tcho board has two start sites, plus four special sites that are not unlocked during normal play. Instead, these four special sites are triggered by the Growth track, which charts the spread of Ubbo-Sathla, a terrible entity grown by the Tcho-Tchos in a secret place.

Many of the Tcho-Tcho board sites increment the Growth track in addition to other effects. When the Growth marker reaches or passes a trigger point on the track, make a note. After the current Site’s effects are completely finished (including any attacks), then the triggered site is resolved.

Each of the four Growth sites provide an Elder Sign to a player with the most of a particular resource, and then trigger an attack. For example the first Growth Site is tied to “2” on the track, and provides its Elder Sign to the player with the most treasure, then launches a 1d6 investigator attack. In case of a tie for the player with the most resources in the category, then the player whose action triggered the Growth track action chooses which player (in the tie) gets the Elder Sign.

Example: Zelda pays 2 treasure, 2 blood, and 2 magic to shatter an Elder Sign on the Tcho-Tcho cult board. This also increases the Growth track by 2, and then launches a 2d6 investigator attack. Because this raises the Growth track from “4” to “6”, the Growth site tied to “5” must be resolved after this attack. Once the attack from her unlocking is over, Zelda checks site 5, and sees that the new Elder Sign is given to the player with the most blood. Unfortunately, Zelda has 0 Blood, while the other three players each have 2. She chooses the least menacing player to gain the Elder Sign. Then another 2d6 investigator attack is launched, due to the Growth site. Zelda crosses her fingers, hoping this second attack will destroy the new Elder Sign she was forced to give to her rival.