Joshua is our first Cthulhu’s Dungeon recruit for a paid writing gig! We asked him to create a One Shot adventure for us after he sent in a couple of Adventure Hooks for Cthulhu’s Dungeon that caught Sandy’s eye and got published here.
“I’m from Texas, twenty-two years old and happy to have lived in the Lone Star State all my life. I would say I’ve been playing D&D since I was seventeen, and I started running Call of Cthulhu occasionally a couple of years later. I knew about Lovecraft before D&D, and over time my interest in cosmic horror became greater than traditional fantasy. The idea of colossal, unstoppable horrors, looming beyond perception was existentially terrifying, but also great for foreshadowing in a RPG. Currently I am gamemastering for my own group, and we’ve been having fun with the Ghoul Island Saga and the eldritch horrors therein. I found out about Sandy Petersen’s Cthulhu Mythos while looking for a 5E stat of Cthulhu (lucky right?), and I immediately bought it, and the rest is history. What the Hills Hide, would be my first published work, with some scenes inspired by Henry Kutner’s own story, The Salem Horror. I do enjoy writing, despite being an amateur with zero experience, and I hope that I can write more in the future. In conclusion, I love Lovecraft, I love cosmic horror, and I love TRPGs. To all of my fellow Lovecraft fans, may you find some light in the looming darkness.”