Call of Cthulhu Terror Paths is a tabletop cooperative experience for several players. All players take on the role of Investigators, who work together as a team. The game comes with two maps, each with wildly different scenarios. Coming in 2022.
Sandy thought you might enjoy a peek at the various scenarios that he designed for Terror Paths, his upcoming cooperative Call of Cthulhu board game. We’re also including his adventure gameplay notes.

Today’s scenario: From the Pit to the Stars …

Scenario: From the Pit to the Stars

You arrive in the lodge parking lot for a meeting, when some crazy-eyed Lodge members brandish weapons and shriek about “Power from the Stars”. You resist, but a hideous ratbatspider drops from the sky into the parking lot. 

You try to fight it. First, its Acid damages you and then, its Anti Matter Armor hurts you when you try to hit it.

Any wounds you deal to it shortly heal from its ability to Regenerate. In despair, you surrender, though now you are wounded in your futile fight. Your Items are taken away and dropped in the basement guard room.

Sandy’s Gameplay Notes
Taken captive by alien monsters, you must battle your way through extraterrestrial technology and horrors to find the huge and loathsome creature which is opening a portal to the stars.

The greatest threat might be the mind control that the enemies’ telepathy exerts over the lodge.


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