Call of Cthulhu Terror Paths is a tabletop cooperative experience for several players. All players take on the role of Investigators, who work together as a team. The game comes with two maps, each with wildly different scenarios. Coming in 2022.
Sandy thought you might enjoy a peek at the various scenarios that he designed for Terror Paths, his upcoming cooperative Call of Cthulhu board game. We’re also including his adventure gameplay notes.

Today’s scenario: Collateral Damage …

Scenario: Collateral Damage

You have finally achieved the glorious status of Son of Yog Sothoth, an upper-level rank in the Lodge. In the middle of that ritual to formalize your status, a Lodge member runs in and says, “We’re under attack! The ones from underearth … There are battling monsters everywhere.”

John Scott, his eyes flashing, says, “Those from below, they seek our wisdom. Once one side gains ascendency, they will kill us and devour our corpses for their dark rituals. We must prevent them from accomplishing their task.” He rushes off to prepare magic defenses. The police refuse to enter the Lodge, so it’s up to you.

Sandy’s Gameplay Notes

As ghouls and gugs and their allies battle for control of the Lodge, you must find out why the battle has come to the Lodge.

You must also balance the two sides in the struggle – you cannot wholly support one, nor the other while you find out how to drive them back to their burrows.

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