Scott Delrich is of course based on the iconic horror film, The Evil Dead, which pretty much seems like a prologue to Planet Apocalypse. His name comes from the character “Scott” in the movie, who is not given a last name. But the actor is Richard DeManincor, who for some reason took on the pseudonym “Hal Delrich” in the credits.

My hero — Scott, is of course a battle star. He starts with two attack dice! Unfortunately, his two starting dice are each just a 1d4, but it does make him an effective way to clear out the riff-raff.

His biggest drawback is that most of his gift advances cost the team 2 Luck. This luck can be discarded by anyone — not just Scott, which makes him a burden. He has a double-whammy here too — his start ability is that he heals back up to full each time he buys a Luck-based Gift. This is phenomenal, but the fact that he costs the team potential 8 Luck over the course of the game makes it problematic. To add to this, his flaw is that he can’t perform first aid as well as other heroes, making him quite desirous of using that starting ability to heal.

He is just about the only hero who likes being affected with Pestilence, Fire, and Stun, since with his Trouble Magnet ability this adds 1d8 to his attack.

Of course, he still doesn’t dare retain those problems for too long. He is mortal.

His final ability is to add 1d8 if any Fiends are in his area, making him a nice antidote to these challenging foes. Though it also can make him reluctant to kill Fiends, letting them survive to boost his attack.

Scott rapidly becomes a center of attention on your team. All the heroes need to watch their Luck carefully and supporting Scott in battle becomes a major project. Without proper management, Scott can bring the whole party crashing down around him. Or, if handled right, he rewards you by becoming an effective killing machine. For example, if he’s gained his extra die (from his Gift path), has a Pestilence token, and enters an area with a Fiend, he rolls 2d4+3d8, and that’s without any attack-boosting Gifts. An impressive total.

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