Eva has a lot of neat little abilities. She starts without any Luck, but the game starts out with 4 bonus Courage in the Pool, which is incredibly useful and jumpstarts the early game. Her flaw, Self-Pity means she can’t buy a Gift unless someone else does, too, which means she can only buy Gifts when there is a lot of Courage available. In effect, this means that the team usually has to wait an extra turn before buying any Gifts, meaning their gift purchases come in slightly suboptimally. 

She’s worth it, though, because not only did you get the extra Courage at game start, her two follow-up abilities are useful. One lets her boost the effects of ambushes in her area by letting that ambush fire as though it had one more trooper – this makes an ambush with just 2 troopers more useful, and one with 1 trooper even less so. She also has the Christmas Miracle ability, which is the opposite of Bernice Kuchler’s Death With Honor. Eva gets to avoid death, once, springing back to life with full health. If you time this death for the right moment, it can really turn the tide. Unfortunately, she can’t use it in Hell Time, which renders it even more strategic – do you let Eva die just before you go into the final battle? Or not? 

Fun Fact: my stand-in image for my Eva Noel hero sheet was Barbara Steele, because I love her.  

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