Why is Pitpipo one of the unique High Priests?

A few people have wondered openly why I used Pitpipo as one of the special high priests. What has Pit done to deserve a role alongside Asenath Waite or Crawford Tillinghast? How does he fit into the Lovecraft Canon?

Well, in the first place, a Lovecraft “canon” is silly on the face of it. Lovecraft fought all his life to spread his concepts and creations among his friends, and freely adapted their own works. I believe I am following in that tradition. And in fact, one quite specific practice of Lovecraft was to insert his friends as characters, in homage or mockery. Who can forget the Comte d’Erlette (August Derleth), the Atlantean high priest Klarkash-Ton (Clark Ashton Smith), or Robert Blake (Robert Bloch)? By including Pit as a character, I am solidly emulating Lovecraft’s model, and am proud to do so.