N’Gah Kthun

Well, N’.Gah Kthun barely squeaked out a victory in our poll, but since a miss is as good as a mile, here he (it?) comes.

N’Gah Kthun is a name overheard in Lovecraft’s tale The Whisperer in Darkness. I have posited that it is the name of one of the Fungi from Yuggoth (or another alien being), hiding within a human shell. And now it is one of your priest options! N’Gah Kthun’s power is really nasty – basically when you activate him, you get to choose and remove another player’s chamber. That player doesn’t actually lose any resources contained there – but those resources are moved to the exposed section.

This can be used two ways. Simply, you can just take out a useful chamber, and make him have to waste another action chanting to recover it.

OR you can do it just before an investigator raid. Suddenly your buddy’s Elder Sign or whatever is out in Exposed Resources, instead of sitting safely at the end of a long tunnel. Hooha! It’s even more effective when you use it in cooperation with another player, like this:

Example: Wendy and Arthur are plotting against Sandy, who has a spellbook tucked away inside his mighty Library. Wendy, plays N’Gah Kthun, removes the Library, and suddenly Sandy’s Spellbook is in exposed resources AND he’ s just lost 4 points of defense. Then Arthur, the next player in rotation, launches a raid. Sandy loses his spellbook, and whatever was in the room past the empty hole where his Library used to be. Ouch.