Reanimated of Kn’Yah

Reanimated of Kn’Yan (Concept image, Myocardial and vascular implants, Limb enhancement):

They are basically human corpses that have been reanimated and enhanced by Ancients’ technology (mostly nuclear reactors to power them).

These drones are used as guards, gladiators and even artistic displays in the city of Kn’Yan. Their limbs are usually replaced by weaponry and their organs are enhanced to avoid necrosis.

Serpent Folk

Serpent Folk (Concept image, Internal organ dissection):

Serpent folk emerged very early in the history of tetrapods and are believed to be one of the first naturally-evolved intelligent life forms on Earth.

They reigned the surface for millennia before being forced to retreat to the underground, where their once-flourishing species slowly degenerated. Their anatomy is similar to that of primitive snakes.