Dear Stout Investigators,

I have another Sneak Peak into Terror Paths, my upcoming cooperative Call of Cthulhu board game, for you here. I like you to have a look at the Nightgaunt!

We are now in the final stages of development and art for the game! In fact, yesterday I just ran a fabulous playtest and the feedback was excellent.


Meet the Monster: Nightgaunt

Nightgaunts have skin that is slick and rubbery-looking, rather like the skin of a whale. They do not have faces at all but instead bear blank, unsettling surfaces on the front of their heads. It is not known how they feed, but they are able to sense things around them with perfect clarity.

Nightgaunts often serve as guards, stationed to watch over areas by powerful beings such as Great Old Ones. They always attack in flocks, often large ones. They are sometimes termed “mindless,” but actually possess intelligence of a sort. While always perfectly silent, even while flying, they can understand speech.