Librarian & Custodian

Some people may notice that the Librarian is built rather like a nematocyte. The resemblance is intentional. She has two smallish grappling arms to sort and reshelve books. She has three large talons that can be used either to pacify unruly patrons or simply to move around (her third talon is behind her, not visible in the aspect shown). Atop her is her stinger which can not only be used to retrieve books on high shelves but to punish or, rarely, reward patrons.

It is my opinion that she has several thousand venom combinations which she can choose between each time she attacks, each one carefully codified and sorted by the Dewey Decimal System. For example, if she injects you with Venom Type 012 (biography of individuals), she changes your personality into someone different. Beware Venom Type 560. 


Someday I’ll write her up as Call of Cthulhu stats.

The Custodian image above is actually going to undergo some more slight changes before he is turned into a figure. Basically we are going to adjust his paired limbs so they’re not static, and it looks like he’s moving.

He is built like a bulldozer, since his job is to clear out refuse (Gates) and riff-raff (player units) from Areas to keep the Library as clean as possible. He is supposed to look like a tough, not particularly-intelligent, unstoppable force.

I think both the Custodian and Librarian came from the same part of the universe as Rhan-Tegoth. (Which may help explain their immunity to battle results.)

These figures are pretty good-sized – not as big as Cthulhu, of course, but big enough. They will be in the same color as the other “hostile” figures like the Bhole and the Watcher of the Green Pyramid.