Legions and how I made them

Planet Apocalypse has a lot of little aspects that make every playthrough different. One of these is the Legions of Hell. I’ve named all the rivers after various rivers or cities or alternate names of Hell. The core game comes with four different legions – Acheron, Dis, Lethe, and Phlegethon. The Void Pack, Dragon Pack, and Pack of the Pit pack each add two more. The upcoming stretch goal adds yet two more – Annwn and Sheol – which will make the complete total 12 Legions.

What do Legions do?

At the game start, you draw a Legion and place it on the control panel (there’s a slot for it). All the demons in the game gain that Legion’s ability. Normally, the ability doesn’t apply to Limbo minions, as these are not true demons.

When the Doom track reaches 3, and then again at 7, the Legion is discarded and a new one drawn, so even inside the same game, you cannot rely on the demons maintaining the same power.

Let’s talk about some of the Legions:

Acheron – each demon that exits scores 1 extra Doom. This legion isn’t too bad early on, because usually you can prevent too many exits. Later in the game however, it is a real killer.


Dis – at the start of the enemy phase, each hero in an area containing demons loses 1 courage. While you might be able plan your maneuvering so this isn’t an issue, it’s tough and usually you find yourself losing out on courage.


Lethe – a hero injured by demons is stunned. The only real way to avoid this is to intercept demon attacks with troopers. Good luck always having a trooper on hand.


Phlegethon – a hero injured by demons is set on fire. In some ways worse than Lethe. In some ways not as bad, because you can keep fighting & taking actions when you’re on fire; it just hurts you.


Pandemonium – found in the Void pack, this turns every demon into a mini-hellhound letting them shoot at the players from a distance. You can mitigate this by simply not unlocking invasion tokens too quickly, but that leads to its own issues. It’s particularly obnoxious on the Demon Gate map, where the demons tend to march around and get into spots you can’t attack them readily, but with Pandemonium, they can still strike at you.


Styx – this makes demons move 2 tiles at once, which means you have a lot less lead time to kill them. It also means they sometimes skip over your ambushes and won’t get shot.


The New Legions

These two legions you’re getting are Annwn and Sheol.

Annwn can be really critical if you get it when unprepared – it means ambushes won’t hurt enemy demons at all. Of course they’ll still kill Limbo minions. Early on this is a mild legion, because most of your ambushes are puny, and can only kill limbo enemies anyway. Later on, if you are relying on large and powerful ambushes to block enemies, you lose your ability to do so. Of course, you can still use those weakened troopers to block damage and then take out the enemies yourself.


The Sheol legion causes the demons to always target the hero with the lowest health. This is potentially lethal, but you can handle it with careful planning (or blocking with troopers).