Independent Great Old Ones, part Three


I generated yet another random number, and today it came up Tulszcha! At last, one of the new ones! (My secret plan was to continue doing this till I got a new one.)

So, how does Tulszcha change the game for everyone. Well, conveniently for the point I’ve been trying to make in the last two updates, he is sort of a compromise between Abhoth’s “affects the other players” and Mother Hydra’s “changes your own strategy”

Tulszcha’s spellbook reads as follows: Doom phase Ceremony of Annihilation – when you perform a Ritual of Annihilation, you may choose to pay nothing, and instead EARN Power equal to the current position of the Ritual of Annihilation marker, then advance the marker 1 step. You earn no extra Doom points nor Elder Signs.

So let’s consider this – when you use this power (probably only once or twice in the game) it is an opportunity cost – you are basically trading Doom for Power. But a sudden influx of 5-8 Power at the start of your Action phase can be quite a terrifying thing – obviously it’s only worth it if you can use that Power to demolish your opponents or capture some gates. So to get the proper value out of it, you need to prepare and plan and get ready for your Big Turn.

Note that the only way to capitalize on Tulszcha’s power boost is to get out there and mess with your opponents. But you have to do so by direct action. So Tulszcha changes the game (like the other Independent Great Old Ones), but he does so by forcing you to supercharge yourself and interact with everyone else.