Even though your physical copy of Hyperspace is still some months away, our fans are busy creating tools to assist! Al Andersen recently made this handy table where you can see the various bonuses and features of each playable Civilization. It’s quite amazing.

Use the table to choose your factions.  It contains all the information you could want in deciding what factions to get. For all 25 factions, you can see each civ’s rating, according to Sandy, in Battle, Diplomacy, Economy, and Weirdness.  By clicking on a civ’s row, you’ll get the the details, including the super techs, bonus, weakness, victory ability, and super unit.

Choose your factions by clicking the “x” or “checkmark” on the left, and the totals for Battle, Diplomacy, Economy, Weirdness and Balance appear magically below!

  • Battle: % of all points (except weird) in battle
  • Diplomacy: % of all points (except weird) in diplomacy
  • Economy: % of all points(except weird) in economy
  • Weirdness: % of all points(including weird) in weird
  • Balance: 100% -(deviation from average in battle, diplomacy, and economy/total in battle, diplomacy, and economy).

While you wait for your copy of Hyperspace, try out the game by playing the free Tabletopia version!

Play the free Tabletopia version!

See the Calculation Table