One of the choices I faced in creating the Unchained vs. the Order was how much overlap would be between them. I knew from the start I did NOT want them to be basically identical, except for art. I wanted them to feel different. One way in which I tried to accomplish this was in the two faction’s Gear cards.

Each faction has 16 First Level Gear cards. Two of these cards are the same for each faction (a pair of Vegetables of Mending). That is only a 13% overlap.

Each faction has 22 Second Level Gear cards. Four of these cards are the same for each faction (the Stone of Stoning, the Talking Skull, and two more Vegetables of Mending). In addition, the Order has a third Second Level Vegetable of Mending, which the Unchained lacks, so that kinda-sorta is an overlap, but not really. Depending on how you count that third Veggie, this is about a 20% overlap.

Each faction has 22 Third Level Gear cards. Six of these cards are the same for each faction (the Mood Ring, Burning Coal, Joy Buzzer, Icicle, Mithril Disk, and Magic Brick). This is a 27% overlap, which is the greatest, but Third Level cards tend to be purchased less frequently, so it is likely that the two factions will be significantly different in  makeup in any case.

For Traps, we have 12 First Level traps, of which 3 are the same. (One Poison Needle, one Jack in the Box, and the Quarter-Pounder.) That is a 25% overlap, but the Poison Needle and the Jack-in-the-Box are one-use, and vanish quickly.
We also have 12 Second level traps. Only 1 is the same between the two sides (a Half-Pounder). That’s an 8% overlap.

Finally, there are 12 Third level traps, of which 2 are shared. (The Pound-Pounder, and the Auto-Ballista.) This is a 16% overlap.

So you can see that the two sides will function and seem pretty different from one another. I hope you also feel that I have accomplished my goal.