Our first overview video is complete! Click to see the introduction to this vital addition to your RPG collection.
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We are in the final preparations for a short campaign set to begin in early September that will introduce our first ever campaign adventure, Ghoul Island. It is suitable for all RPG fantasy fans who want the simplicity of a complete weekly secnario that incorporates the Lovecratian horror milieu.
This first act (of four), Voyage to Farzeen, begins with a mutiny and ends in underground tunnels where our adventurers discover an ancient temple dedicated to a horror thought to have been vanquished long ago!
Crafted with the same high standards the gaming world has come to expect from Sandy, you will want to check out the Kickstarter and reserve your copy. You will also be able to purchase our new Cthulhu Wars miniatures sold individually in blister packs!
Best news of all is that these books are ready for shipment now, so you will receive your copy the month after the campaign closes!