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Balance Adjustments to Hyperspace
Sandy Petersen
211 Posts
June 19, 2020 - 12:08 pm

So people have been playing Hyperspace a lot on Tabletop Simulator and via forum, and as a result of their feedback, I have instigated some balance changes. Here they are, and an explanation of why: 

DACIA: I changed the super-tech Insatiable so that instead of placing a corvette or citizen, it places a free colony. This partners well with their Parasitism ability and puts more emphasis on properly controlling their Vampirism marker. 

Xk-13: I changed their Death Wish super-tech so that they can now optionally destroy a single enemy Fortress instead of just a bunch of ships. This makes them fearsome against civs with super-fortresses, and also lets them spend a single Corvette on killing a colony or space station. 

AZOTA: I improved their Extinction track, weighting it towards early-game rewards, but also with a sting later on (2 action tokens flipped) so that near the game’s end they can take advantage. 

COLLECTORS: their Apotheosis tech is not always used (which is by intent), but I improved it so that it’s not such an issue for them to reboot. 

SKITH: in my own tests, Skith are not way far behind, but can use a slight boost in the early game, so now they start with 2 Marauders. This saves them 1/4 of a Build and 1 atomic, which seems small, but since Marauders have an economic use it lets a smart Skith player parlay this into some real benefits. And he does it by being more like a Skith, instead of imitating other civs. In general that’s how I like to do balancing. 

GLAZAQTOQ: to be frank I don’t really think they need a boost, because they win plenty of games in my tests. BUT I don’t mind making them more fun and interactive, so now their Exprimis ships can move to an enemy starbase as an extra action. They often have enough atomics to permit this, and it helps them to get to homeworlds for their Pedigreed Bolts bonus. This should stimulate a certain degree of anti-Glazaqtoq attacks – after all no one wants an Exprimis at their homeworld in any case, and now it’s likelier to happen.  


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34 Posts
June 24, 2020 - 8:34 am



Just for clarification, in the Discord Channel you stated that Death Wish will affect NON-SUPER UNIT FORTRESS, so the one on top will be incorrect right???? Should be only killing non super fortress right??

Sandy Petersen
211 Posts
July 2, 2020 - 12:10 pm

right. Because whiny people don’t want their RaTBaTSpiDeR to die so easily 😉

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