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Let’s talk about Dire Cthulhu

Why is there even a Dire Cthulhu? Well, our original Cthulhu sculpt is creepy, and terrific. But something about it always bothered me – Lovecraft describes Cthulhu as … corpulent. And our classic sculpt is pretty svelte. I guess he works out.

Of course this doesn’t mean Cthulhu is obese – he is a shapeshifter with every ounce of his flesh, which means he doesn’t actually have fat deposits in the traditional sense. But what I wanted was to have a Cthulhu who was more beefy – not fat, but tough, like a bear or a Russian weightlifter. I have nothing against lean, hungry great old ones – in fact I have plenty of them in the game (Nyarlathotep, Ithaqua, King in Yellow). I just wanted Cthulhu to be a Big Guy in every way.

So now, with Dire Cthulhu, I have it.