Bruno Dawn

The idea behind Bruno is that I wanted to have a hero who was driven mad by the horrors of the apocalypse. He is a fun hero, because he’s crazy. His flaw is pretty bad — when he’s Captain no one else can use the Courage Pool.

But his start ability is highly entertaining — since he’s delusional, at game start he chooses any unused trooper type and places them by the others. Only Bruno can recruit these troopers. He gets to add 1 to his recruit die roll when getting his delusional troopers. This recruitment advantage of +1 to his die roll isn’t quite as good as it seems, because only he can take those troopers; i.e no one else can help set up these ambushes.

His certifiable ability lets him gain 1 Luck as team captain (so he can be a useful counterweight to Ashley’s Luck drain, but beware the Killakee). His Megalomania ability means he gains 3 Courage if he ends his turn in a 4th circle demon’s area, meaning he preferentially seeks out these horrors.

His advancement track moves from both ends towards the middle — I was trying to make it seem kind of schizoid. Anyway, like the other new heroes he works better if you plan a team strategy that uses him.

Still, it does let you get a few Texas Rangers or Hooligans in any region.