So, you’re an ancient, gigantic being. After slumbering for eons, you are awoken by a foolish group of mortals in the hope of gaining your favour. The earth is now your playground, the human race are crushed under your slimy tentacle appendages as you conquer the landscape in a flurry of chaos and destruction unimaginable by the planet’s indigenous population. It’s glorious.

For a brief moment you survey the destruction and stare into the distance, calculating what lands to spread your tendrils over next and then … over the mountains, just out there beyond the mist, another huge colossal being is laying waste to YOUR new domain! You gather your forces and charge to meet it in a battle the likes of which the universe has never seen … MONSTER FIGHT!

It’s a box full of conversation, bluffing and drama. It’s easy to teach, incredibly addictive and results in some genuinely thrilling encounters. Everyone who has played this with me has become enamoured with it.