Cindrew Putorious

Cindrew Putorious is a nurse (RN) with a trained pet ferret, named Fidgit.

Her start attack is 1d4, which is terrible. Her toughness is 2 and starting luck 3, both average. Her health is 6, which is pretty good.

She has the start ability of Fidgit, Fetch! This is a team phase ability, which lets her draw a card from the top of the gift card deck and place it in an empty slot on the gift panel. In a normal game, as players earn gift cards, the gift panel gradually gets denuded, and their options more and more limited, as they’ve already cherry-picked the most relevant gifts. Many times I’ve seen players decide to forego picking a gift, because the whole lot was about to be discarded (this happens when the Lord track is triggered, which happens every 4-5 turns in a 4 player game) and they wanted new options. With Cindrew, you don’t have to make this hard choice, since the gift panel stays generally fresh. Also, when the Lord track triggers, the entirety of the gift panel assortment is normally discarded. But with Cindrew in play, you can choose up to 2 cards to keep so they remain available.

Her two earned abilities are both combat oriented – one is Fidgit, Dance!, which means enemies inflict less damage when they attack her. The other is Fidgit, Sic! which she can use to reduce enemy toughness vs. any hero’s attack (by paying Courage). This is super-useful when trying to knock out a powerful fourth circle demon, but is good at other times too.

Her flaw is a Short Attention Span, which means she MUST move every turn. She can never stay put. Sometimes this is really annoying, but that’s the nature of ferrets (and their owners).

How Cindrew works

When Cindrew is around, all the players have access to a slightly better gift assortment, which of course helps them throughout the game. Her tech tree has two interesting features.

First, every single gift on her tech tree increases another hero’s health permanently by 1. So all the heroes become slightly stronger. She is thus a boost to all other players. Unfortunately, her own abilities are somewhat weaker than average – three of her gifts in fact ONLY boost other people, and don’t help herself at all!

Her other tech tree feature is that five of her six slots are Start options, meaning she has more choices than any other player when it comes to her advancement.

Her tech tree is quite basic, even puny, otherwise. Three of her gifts only boost other players’ health, and the remaining three get the two earned abilities and add 1d6 to her attack. So unless she finds gifts that boost her damage, her final attack is a mere 1d6+1d4, which is far from deadly. On the other hand, she can use her Fidgit, Sic! ability to kill enemies even with this weak attack, with enough investment in courage.

In case you’re curious, yes, I used to own pet ferrets. Did for years.