Ancients’ Acolytes

Functionally, they are no different that the acolytes of other factions.

To celebrate their tech-savvy nature, the Ancients Acolyte is dressed futuristically, rather than in hooded robes, and brandishes an ominous-looking eye-like device. She is based on the uniforms from one of my favorite science-fiction movies of the 60s – Planet of the Vampires, by the genius Mario Bava. (As a kid this movie scared me so much I tried to crawl under my chair at the theater.)

Acolytes are often accompanied by Reanimated, as those Mindless creatures cannot Move, Battle, or Capture unless someone is there to give them commands. These Reanimated are often worth killing off instead of your Acolytes, since a Reanimated pained off by itself is nigh-worthless.

When constructing Cathedrals, Ancients Acolytes need to be ware. Black Goat’s Avatar can be used to interrupt construction before it is complete. Strike first, as nothing is more frustrating that spending 2-3 Power to move to a potential Cathedral site, only to get bumped out again before the job is done.


One strategy… In the Doom phase, use Dematerialize to move your home area Monster, plus an Acolyte or two to an area with a new glyph, not adjacent to your current areas. You’ll probably be vulnerable to another faction, so point out they’ll WANT your Cathedral to stay after you leave. If you don’t have Worship Services yet, point out you may have it before next Doom phase.