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A recent thread on BGG regarding Planet Apocalypse yielded some interesting insights from our players!

“I would never play this super thrilling game solo because (in my opinion) it is a typically loud high-five-and-beer-with-friends-game.”

“Personally, playing this game with other people is where its at, its a blast as others have mentioned. I mean on my first game with my buddies, we killed the lord on what was our last shot! We would have died from their attack next, or even if 1 person would have survived, it would have been impossible how late in the game it was. And man that was an awesome moment, yeah everyone was standing around waiting for the die results and sure enough it just barely killed him, wow!”

“I love how to upgrade characters and take on the Lord in hell-time. The 4th circle and Lords all have unique fun stats and abilities, and the mix and match between character heroes and 4th-circle/Lords, with at least the base game and one expansion, is a lot of replayability. This game is definitely worth the money.”