Quivit by Jason Wallenfang and Andrew Frisch

Maybe it was the pandemic and the fact that our socially-distanced friends had too much time on their hands … maybe it was our love for easy to learn, fast moving, family friendly games that seemed to be lacking in our lineup.

But whatever the inspiration, it’s coming! Quivit has been manufactured “under the radar” and is on its way from China!

Considering all the shutdowns, the shipping delays, and the stress of living in a world that is practically shut down, we’re excited to have something else to show!

While we are still figuring out the release date, we expect it to be available within the next two months.

Simple Game Play, with Multiple Optional Features

Quivit is a simple and fun grid-based card game playable on any surface. Cards are arranged in a 5 x 5 grid with players rotating cards with random color squares to match adjoining cards with like colors to score points.

Numerous optional rules are included to make Quivit competitive for all age levels. A single eight-sided die is included which can optionally be used with the Random Color rule. A timepiece is also included for the optional Timed rule. Quivit also includes rules for team participation if you have a large group of players.