Potions and Profits


In Potions and Profits, you are a Wizard representing one of many pharmaceutical corporations looking for new Potions to invest in. Competing Wizards will try to outbid you for Potions as you balance both your Stock Value and your Public Relations. The most profitable Potions tend to be the least ethical but that doesn’t matter so long as your investors are happy and not too many protesters are kicking down your door. Become the most profitable corporation you can by either monopolizing one type of Potion or by simply having the best pharmaceutical line around. It’s just business, magical or otherwise.

  • What’s Inside?
  • 6 Character tokens
  • 12 Color tokens
  • Dealer token
  • 57 Investment cards
  • 40 Potion cards
  • 30 Ingredient cards
  • Score tracker
  • Rulebook

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15-30 minutes playtime
3-6 players
Ages 8+
Genre: Bidding, Bluffing, Auction

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