Omega Master Rulebook Hardcover


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Upgraded Cardstock Items

Upgraded Ritual and Doom Tracks, plus errata'd Faction cards and Spellbooks, and plastic faction doom tokens updated from the first Cthulhu Wars Kickstarter.

PLEASE NOTE: These cards are upgrades for owners of the first edition of Cthulhu Wars. These are NOT the 3mm Die Cut Faction Card Pack or the 3mm Doom and Ritual Tracks that replaced the card items in the third edition (Onslaught 3) of Cthulhu Wars.

Custom Dice Pack

Custom Dice for use with Dread Curse; Ghroth; Thousand Forms; Desecration; Azathoth; and Ubbo-Sathla's Growth

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20 Battle Dice

20 Battle Dice in Green and Black (Cthulhu Faction)

CW Onslaught 3 Stretch Goal Box

All the Stretch Goals that all backers got in our Cthulhu Wars: Onslaught 3 Kickstarter. These were not “Kickstarter Exclusives” but they were free! Not anymore! Includes glow in the dark gate; maroon HPL marker; maroon Asenath Waite; 4 Ancients brain cylinders; Ancients colored gate; Ancients high priest; 2 updated Tcho-tcho Spellbooks and 2 updated Great Cthulhu Spellbooks; all 8 Investigators and all 9 Neutral grey Acolytes (Note, this box does NOT include the O3 Master Rulebook, Nodens, or Cacodemon, even though all three of those items were part of every pledge level in Onslaught 3 - they are simply packaged separately and are NOT included here).

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