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We will be posting reviews, new art, foundational lore from Sandy to introduce you to the universe of Glorantha, and Sandy’s lore for the new TGW2 factions

The Lore of Glorantha

The Unholy Trio: Chaos!

Before time began, three entities formed a conspiracy to bring Chaos into the universe and destroy everything. These entities became known as the Unholy Trio, and in Glorantha: The Gods War, they are the three Greater Gods of the Chaos faction.First was the Lady of Disease, Malia, a goddess of darkness and death whose form of death (sickness) was forever tainted by chaos.

Second was the Magna Mater, who actually birthed Chaos, which disemboweled her. She was the mother of the dread Broos, the beast creatures. They followed her into the hell of her new existence.

Third was the eventual leader of the conspiracy, Ragnaglar, the Mad God. Once a loyal part of another faction, he betrayed his family in the most horrendous manner possible. And so Chaos came into the game.