Sandy of Cthulhu: The Sorcerers of Yaddith
In a recent Sandy of Cthulhu video on YouTube, Sandy talks about the New Age psychology that was popular during the 1920s and how it influenced the literature of the day. Even though Lovecraft wasn’t impressed with spiritualism and psychic phenomena, he recognized its popularity and incorporated it into some of his works.

Find out from Sandy how E. Hoffman Price, a devotee of Lovecraft, expanded the spiritualism that was popular in his day by rewriting a version of Lovecraft’s “The Silver Key” and including a strange a race of aliens called the Sorcerers of Yaddith.

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“I really appreciate how well this video is made, spoken and presented for a niche audience. You did a wonderful job. This is my first time to see your content and I’m impressed!”
Joey Moffett