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One of Sandy’s earliest Sandy of Cthulhu videos on Youtube called How to Fight a Shoggoth remains his most popular (as long as you subtract his videos on the topic of “Doom” which seem to eclipse everything).

And sometimes the comments are even more interesting than the video! What do you think? 

If Shoggoths were able to make a portal between worlds then maybe their internal structures are multi-dimensional. Like they have cells, and internal cell components, and maybe even multicellular formations like organs, but they exist in another dimension. We’re only ever experiencing part of the creature at any time.

Nuke it from orbit. Just to be sure. Hope you continue this “how to fight” series. Migo, flying polyps, hounds of tindalos, etc would be cool to see. Keep it up Sandy!

…it’s been a fairly interesting Sunday when, through a string of events you can’t really recall, you wind up learning what to do in a fight against a f*cking Lovecraftian monster from what amounts to a genuine authority on the topic on YouTube, and then subscribing to the channel

A Lighting gun is good for “killing a Shoggoth” So I think we need to call an old pal that uses one, and I think you know him too

I got the impression in “the Shadow over Innsmouth” that there were multiple shoggoths in several houses throughout the town….

What sci-fi weapons (railgun, coilgun, plasma, laser, antimatter, etc.) would most effective in destroying shoggoth? force-field the shoggoth and throw it into a black hole maybe?